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A mobile app that allows students to track their academic progress



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What does it do?

  • Students download subject content from new exam board specifications

  • They track progress through the specification

  • They know their flightpaths and plot progress over time


Show My Progress is a New Student Friendly App that allows pupils and parents to monitor their progress through key stage 3, GCSE (9-1) and A level.


Try it for FREE with one course using the android or IOS app. Once the app has been installed, simply go to the add course page and enter 'Demo' as the school and '0000' as the code.



Some school's firewalls block show my progress from accessing the internet. If you are trialling the app we recommend you use a mobile data connection to prevent any issues. This can easily be resolved if you decide to use the app in your school.

How does it work?

1. Once the app has been installed click 'Add Course'

2. Enter your schools name and code then select your exam board, level, target and subject.


    Tap 'SAVE COURSE'.


    The app will download the course content and return you to the homepage.


3. On the new homepage the subject will be displayed along with your 'working at' level.


    However, as no data has yet been entered your current level will show as U.


    Tap on the subject to see its subject content or topics.

4. You will now be shown a break down by topic as well as more data for that subject.


    Tap on a topic to enter an end of topic test score. Progress data will be automatically updated.


    Tap 'GRAPH' to plot your flightpath.


    Tap 'SUBJECTS' to return to the home page.

5. If data has been entered for an end of topic test, this will now be reflected in the home page.


    You can repeat the above steps to add more courses to your home page as long as your school is


6. This page will display your target and show your progess as a flight path.

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