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Ten years of teaching led me to create Show My Progress. 


I have seen many schools and teachers struggle with the best way to inform students of their progress. I have seen initiatives such as tables stuck on exercise books to record test results, tables to record if they are on target, graphs plotted on exercise books to plot flight paths. 


In this same time I, as I am sure many of you, have generated data for reports based on the latest summative assessment and my professional judgment.


It occurred to me that if you are going to measure progress, the teacher and the student need to know the start point and the end point. You need to be measuring progress against something. Surely you should be measuring progress through the course and indicating how well they are doing. 


Show my progress was created to do this. Initially I created the App so that my students could download the content from the Physics specification and use it to monitor their progress in Physics. It downloaded the course content to their phone and they could track their working at level every time they did an end of topic test. It wasn't long before I had other science teachers asking if I could make it work with Biology and Chemistry. Shortly after this, I had other subjects asking the same. I knew I was on to something when had parents telling me that they were finding it really useful too. 


As for the students I saw that by adding the ability to download subject content from other subjects it would remove the need for them to have ten stickers on ten exercise books. Instead it would provide a dashboard with an overview of all of their subjects.


In one simple app, we have created a solution for schools to help students stay informed of their progress, working at levels, flight paths, strengths and weakness.


So welcome to Show My Progress. Many more ideas are in development and we thank you for joining us on this journey.




Show My Progress 




'My daughter is really making the best of it and it's easy to see how she's progressing week in, week out. Highly recommended.' - P. Smith


'Top class very useful. Easy to use and a real time saver.' - Anon


'Definitely a good start to what I think will become a useful and unique app. With updates and further developments this could be something!' - Student-reviewer98

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